Maximize the profitability of your restaurant
 Maximize the profitability of your restaurant
Product Information
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Release date28 January, 2023

5-Out Features

5-Out is a restaurant forecasting tool that optimizes net income with advanced features. Key features and advantages include:

  • Data integration: Combines information from various systems like Point of Sale, labor scheduling, purchasing and inventory, weather, social media, ordering, news, and events.
  • Advanced analytics: Utilizes machine learning, AI, and predictive analysis to automate decision-making and increase profitability.
  • Real-time insights: Offers optimized labor and purchasing schedules, lookback reports, and tracks performance over time.

Use cases for 5-Out cover a range of restaurant businesses:

  • Enhance profitability with data-driven recommendations for Quick Service Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, and more.
  • Streamline labor and purchasing schedules with real-time insights.
  • Monitor and track performance over time with lookback reports.

With easy setup, no onboarding or employee setup needed, and just 5 minutes to get started, 5-Out is an ideal solution for improving your restaurant's bottom line.

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