Automate Google Ads copy from your Landingpage
 Automate Google Ads copy from your Landingpage
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Release date21 April, 2023
PlatformDesktop Features

By harnessing the power of AI, AdCrafter analyzes and optimizes the content from your landing page URL, crafting engaging titles and texts that capture the essence of your brand and offerings.

Key Features:

AI-Powered Ad Copy: Generate captivating ad titles and texts automatically.

Landing Page Analysis: Analyze your landing page content for optimization.

Google & Microsoft Ads Integration: Seamlessly integrate with your Google and Microsoft Ads campaigns.

Time-Saving: Expedite your ad creation process and improve efficiency.

Use Cases:

• Digital marketers seeking to create engaging ad copy for their Google and Microsoft Ads campaigns.

• Business owners wanting to optimize their landing page content for advertising purposes.

• Marketing agencies looking to streamline their ad copy creation process with the help of AI.

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