AI Data Sidekick by AirOps

Write SQL 10x faster with AI
 Write SQL 10x faster with AI
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Release date22 June, 2023

AI Data Sidekick by AirOps Features

Every data superhero needs a Sidekick. Whether you’re a data pro or SQL newbie, use our FREE AI recipes to instantly perform time consuming data tasks. Airops uses a few different OpenAI models, and then a mix of techniques to improve the accuracy and reliability of our recipes! Use Data Sidekick to write SQL, generate documentation, and more, wherever you work with data. Just use any of Sidekick’s AI-powered recipes. For Everyone who works with Data: 🪄 Convert natural language to SQL like magic 🔧 Explain, fix, and modify SQL queries 🧐 Suggest questions you can answer from any table For Data Pros: ✍️ Auto document table schemas 🐍 Generate Python scripts and dbt YAML files 💸 Optimize queries to improve speed and trim your data bill Available via Chrome extension + web app + API.
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