Create fully customizable unique AI-generated faces with Fotor
 Create fully customizable unique AI-generated
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Release date16 April, 2023

Fotor Features

Fotor's AI Face Generator is a powerful online tool that allows users to create unique and realistic human faces from scratch using artificial intelligence. The platform offers a wide range of features and use cases, making it a versatile solution for various creative needs.


  • Generate realistic face images from text: Powered by AI and deep machine learning, Fotor's AI Face Generator can create photorealistic human faces based on user-provided text descriptions.
  • Full control over facial customization: Users can decide on facial features, accessories, and styles to create the perfect face that suits their needs.
  • Unique, worry-free face portraits: All generated faces are unique and can be used for various purposes, such as profile pictures or creative inspiration.
  • Various styles available: Generate faces in different styles, including 3D, illustration, anime, and cyberpunk.
  • More than just generating fake faces: Fotor can create landscapes, animal pictures, 3D illustrations, cartoon characters, paintings, digital art, and more.

Use Cases:

  • Generate random faces for creative inspiration, profile pictures, or just for fun
  • Create faces in various styles for different artistic projects
  • Customize facial features to suit specific needs and preferences, such as characters for a story or marketing campaign
  • Use generated faces as a base for further editing and design, such as adding backgrounds or effects

To use Fotor's AI Face Generator, simply input text prompts describing the desired face, choose a style, and click "Generate." Users can experiment with different prompts and styles to create a wide range of unique and realistic faces.

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