AI Prompt Randomizer

Break the monotony of ChatGPT prompts with a dash of randomness.
 Break the monotony of ChatGPT prompts with a dash
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Release date26 March, 2023

AI Prompt Randomizer Features


The website offers an AI Prompt Randomizer tool that generates creative prompts based on user-defined variables. The tool can be used for various purposes such as writing, art, or brainstorming ideas.


  • Customizable prompt templates
  • Variable options for adjectives, who, verbs, clothes, colors, and styles
  • Generated prompts can be copied as JSON or array
  • API access for prompt generation

Use Cases:

  • Writers seeking inspiration for stories or characters
  • Artists looking for ideas for their next artwork
  • Educators creating engaging activities for students

Brainstorming sessions for creative projects

Trends prompts: