Provides VBA script and formula generator & explainer.
 Provides VBA script and formula generator &
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Release date1 February, 2023

Ajelix Features

With this tool, you can effortlessly generate and explain formulas, translate spreadsheets, generate templates, and even write VBA scripts.

Key Features:

  • Formula generator & explainer: Generate complex formulas and receive explanations on how they work.
  • Spreadsheet translation: Translate spreadsheets into different languages for improved collaboration and analysis.
  • Template generator: Generate ready-to-use templates for various spreadsheet needs.
  • VBA script generator: Automate tasks and customize spreadsheets with generated VBA scripts.

Use Cases:

• Formula generation and explanation: Easily generate and understand complex formulas for efficient data analysis.

• Spreadsheet translation: Collaborate with international teams by translating spreadsheets into different languages.

• Template generation: Save time by generating pre-designed templates for various spreadsheet purposes.

• VBA script automation: Customize your spreadsheets and automate tasks using generated VBA scripts.

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