Allook Script

Experience hassle-free organisation of unlimited video storage.
 Experience hassle-free organisation of unlimited
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Release date14 April, 2023

Allook Script Features

Introducing an all-in-one intelligent scriptwriting and video management tool that streamlines the creative process and optimises video asset organisation, collaboration, and commercialization.

Key Features:

Intelligent scriptwriting with creative, storyline, and script generation

Long and short video shoot support

Unlimited video storage management

Cloud-based video asset management

Accurate AI-powered content search

Intelligent structured tags for video classification

Lossless original film storage and extremely fast download

Online video annotation and review for efficient delivery

Use Cases:

Crafting engaging scripts for advertising campaigns

Organising and managing video content for social media platforms

Searching and retrieving specific video assets for corporate presentations

Preserving and sharing high-quality original films for filmmakers

Streamlining the video review and annotation process for post-production teams

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