Helping investors extract information from unstructured data
 Helping investors extract information from
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Release date22 February, 2023

AlphaResearch Features

AlphaResearch is an AI-powered research platform designed for individual and institutional investors. Key features and advantages include:

  • Extensive document access: Millions of global documents, filings, transcripts, and reports
  • Advanced search engine: Quickly find insights, access financial data, market data, news, and analyst estimates
  • Comprehensive features: Document alerts, sentiment analysis, insider transactions analysis, note-taking, data visualization, and more

Use cases for AlphaResearch cater to various professionals:

  • Investors seeking to make informed investment decisions with extensive data access
  • Executives aiming to execute better business plans using valuable insights
  • Research analysts looking to save time and enhance their research capabilities

With a 7-day free trial and flexible pricing plans, AlphaResearch offers a comprehensive solution for investment research and decision-making.

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