creates 200+ AI-generated avatars from your photos. creates 200+ AI-generated avatars from
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Release date10 December, 2022
PlatformDesktop Features is an AI-powered avatar maker that allows users to create unique avatars from a selection of photos. Key features and advantages include:

  • Custom avatars: Generate over 200 different avatars in various styles from up to 20 user-uploaded photos
  • AI training: Uses AI technology to create accurate avatars based on different angles, expressions, and poses
  • Email notifications: Receive an email with a link to the project once the images are ready
  • Storage: Generated images are stored for 30 days and can be downloaded and shared on social media

Use cases for are perfect for various individuals:

  • Social media users seeking unique and personalized avatars for their profiles
  • Gamers looking for custom avatars to represent their in-game characters
  • Creative individuals wanting to experiment with AI-generated images for personal or artistic purposes

Please note that costs $29 and does not offer a free trial. Accuracy of the AI-generated images is not guaranteed, and users may provide feedback on any unsatisfactory results.

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