Article Summary

Automatically create a short summary of any article.
 Automatically create a short summary of any
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Release date18 April, 2023

Article Summary Features

Article-Summary is a web-based tool that automatically creates a short summary of any article. Key features and advantages include:

  • Multi-language support: Generate summaries in Arabic, English, or French
  • Ease of use: Works in three easy steps: add article URL, select language, and generate summary
  • Quick sharing: Allows users to quickly share the main points of the article

Use cases for Article-Summary involve:

  • Saving time by quickly summarizing lengthy articles
  • Sharing the main points of an article on social media or in emails
  • Improving language skills by reading summaries in different languages

With its simple and efficient interface, Article-Summary is a useful tool for anyone who wants to quickly understand the main points of an article.

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