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A personalized news feed driven by artificial intelligence
 A personalized news feed driven by artificial
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Release date1 February, 2023

Artifact News Features

Artifact is an AI-driven personalized news feed designed to help readers discover the best articles tailored to their interests. Key features and advantages include:

  • Personalized content: AI technology analyzes user preferences to create a customized news feed with relevant articles
  • Discoverability: A powerful tool for finding new articles and staying up-to-date with global news
  • Data protection: Offers Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to ensure user data protection

Use cases for Artifact are ideal for various individuals:

  • News enthusiasts seeking a personalized and curated news feed
  • Professionals looking to stay informed on industry-specific news and trends
  • General readers interested in discovering new articles and topics

Currently in private beta, users can join the waitlist for access to Artifact's personalized news feed experience.

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