Effortlessly create, test, and deploy sophisticated backend APIs with Backengine.
 Effortlessly create, test, and deploy
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Release date1 June, 2023

Backengine Features

Transform the way you build your backend with Backengine, a no-code platform that lets you define API endpoint logic in natural language. This innovative tool empowers you to describe API requests and responses, test endpoints, and fine-tune structures effortlessly, all without any code or infrastructure. With Backengine, you can deploy API endpoints with a single click and integrate them seamlessly into your applications.

Key Features:

Fast API Building: Develop and deploy complex application logic in less than a minute without writing any code.

No-Code Workspace: Easily build, test, and iterate in a workspace that requires no coding skills.

One Subscription: Get started without individual LLM accounts; just sign up with Backengine and begin building.

Zero Infrastructure: Utilize the platform's high-speed backend architecture that's readily available for your endpoints.

Security: Enjoy secure and protected endpoints that only you and your applications can use.

Collaboration: Manage your team members efficiently, allowing everyone to work on your Backengine endpoints.

Storage (Beta): Enhance your Backengine endpoints with persistent data, serving as a complete backend replacement.

Use Cases:

  • Develop sophisticated API endpoints quickly without the need for programming skills.
  • Iterate and fine-tune API prompts, response structures, and request structures seamlessly.
  • Collaborate efficiently with team members on your Backengine endpoints.
  • Maintain security while integrating the deployed API endpoints into your applications.
  • Store persistent data using the Backengine endpoints as a complete backend replacement.

With Backengine, you can swiftly create, test, and deploy secure backend APIs, leading to increased productivity and streamlined workflow.

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