Generated music samples without effort.
 Generated music samples without effort.
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Release date15 May, 2023

Beatsbrew Features

Whether you produce music or create soundscapes, Beatsbrew streamlines the creative process by generating samples of instruments, beats, loops, sound assets, and more in seconds.

Key Features:

  • Effortless sample generation: Generate high-quality audio samples from text prompts without any technical expertise.
  • Free usage and credits: Sign up and receive 50 credits, with an additional 25 credits every month. Paid plans are available for users who require more than 25 samples.
  • Adjustments for desired sound: Make adjustments to the generated samples to achieve the desired sound.
  • Licensing status: While the licensing status of AI-generated sound samples is still evolving, many Beatsbrew samples are currently used in creative projects without issues.

Use Cases:

• Streamline music production and sound design by effortlessly generating high-quality audio samples.

• Enhance creative projects and soundscapes with diverse instrument samples, beats, and loops.

• Save time and effort in the creative process by utilizing Beatsbrew's AI-powered sample generation.

Beatsbrew is a valuable resource for music producers and creators seeking high-quality audio samples.

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