Create avatars & content for your brand with!
 Create avatars & content for your brand with
Product Information
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Release date22 November, 2022
PlatformDesktop Features is an AI-powered tool designed to help brands create engaging content for campaigns and marketing materials. Key features and advantages include:

  • AI training: Upload 20-30 photos to train the AI, generating 72 new photos in 9 different themes weekly
  • User-friendly: No design skills required, allowing for easy content creation
  • Dynamic marketing materials: Stand out with unique, AI-generated visuals

Use cases for are ideal for various businesses:

  • Brands and marketers seeking to create engaging campaigns without extensive design skills
  • Small businesses looking to improve their marketing materials with dynamic visuals
  • Content creators aiming to generate unique visuals for various platforms

Overall, offers a user-friendly solution for businesses to create dynamic marketing materials and campaigns with ease.

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