BG Remover

Remove image backgrounds automatically.
 Remove image backgrounds automatically.
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Release date14 June, 2023

BG Remover Features

AI Image Background Remover is a free online tool offered by that utilizes AI technology to automatically remove backgrounds from images. It is designed to speed up workflows, enhance productivity, and provide creative possibilities by quickly and easily removing backgrounds without manual image manipulation.

Key Features:

  • Automatic Background Removal: Uses AI technology to detect and remove backgrounds from images.
  • Wide Range of Image Formats: Supports JPG, PNG, TIFF, WEBP, and BMP formats.
  • Maximum File Size: Allows image uploads up to 10 MB.
  • Professional Results: Creates clean, smooth-edged images with transparent backgrounds.
  • PNG Output: Saves the resulting image in PNG format, ideal for adding new backgrounds or incorporating into various projects.
  • API Integration: Offers easy integration with other apps, plugins, design software, mobile apps, and eCommerce tools.
  • Free Usage Options: Provides 3 free background removals and 10 free upscales for Upscaler.

Use Cases:

  • Graphic Design: Speeds up the process of removing backgrounds from images for graphic design projects.
  • Web Development: Allows web developers to create images with transparent backgrounds for websites and applications.
  • Marketing: Enables marketers to create visually appealing graphics and banners with custom backgrounds.
  • Creative Projects: Provides creative possibilities for incorporating images with transparent backgrounds into various projects.

AI Image Background Remover is a valuable tool for professionals and individuals seeking a fast and efficient solution for removing backgrounds from images.

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