Get Informed with AI News Summaries in Seconds
 Get Informed with AI News Summaries in Seconds
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Release date18 April, 2023

Bitesized Features

Stay informed with AI-powered summaries and discuss the latest headlines with your virtual news assistant.

Key Features:

  • Priority Summaries: Get a quick overview of the hottest topics in one paragraph
  • Bitesized AI: Strips filler and potential bias out of the news, providing the most important details
  • Customization: Select your Bitesized Edition and tweak the sources to get the news you care about
  • Cross-Device Compatibility: Works on all devices with a web browser

Use Cases:

  • Stay informed with quick, concise news summaries that save time and cut through information overload.
  • Gain a clearer understanding of news events without being influenced by biased reporting or language.
  • Engage with news articles more effectively by using Bitesized AI to answer questions and provide insights.
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