Create interactive AI-driven chatbots to increase engagement & showcase value.
 Create interactive AI-driven chatbots to increase
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Release date16 January, 2023
Community Features is an AI-powered chatbot designed to help content creators showcase their work interactively and increase engagement. Key features and advantages include:

  • Immersive content: Allows audiences to explore content in a personalized manner
  • Easy integration: Upload PDFs or share read-only access to Notion or Google Docs content
  • Customizable chatbot: Add FAQs, topics, and design elements to match your brand
  • Wide distribution: Embed the chatbot or publish as a dedicated webpage for sharing on social media

Use cases for are ideal for various content creators:

  • Authors looking to promote their books in an engaging and interactive way
  • Bloggers seeking to increase audience engagement with their content
  • Educators aiming to make learning materials more immersive and personalized

Overall, offers a unique solution for captivating audiences and enhancing content interaction, with easy integration and customization options.

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