Your AI assistant for all things parenting.
 Your AI assistant for all things parenting.
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Release date27 May, 2023

Bottell Features

Bottell is a personal AI parenting assistant powered by ChatGPT that offers customized advice to parents based on their child's specific needs. It provides empathetic and effective guidance on various parenting topics, such as meal plans, scheduling, activities, education, and support.

Key Features:

Customized Advice: Offers personalized advice based on the child's specific needs and profile.

Wide Range of Topics: Provides guidance on various parenting areas, such as meal plans, scheduling, activities, education, and support.

Empathetic and Effective: Delivers compassionate and practical advice to address parenting challenges.

Problem-Solving Assistance: Helps parents solve problems, discover new activities, and track their child's progress.

Active Development: Continuously adding new features and enhancements for an improved user experience.

Future Features: Planned additions include setting histories, expanded advice library, and customized content recommendations.

Use Cases:

  • Parents seeking personalized advice and guidance on various parenting topics.
  • Individuals looking for an AI-powered assistant to support their parenting journey.
  • Busy parents in need of practical solutions and strategies to address their child's specific needs.
  • Users interested in an AI tool that combines empathy and effectiveness to provide parenting support.

Bottell is an AI-powered parenting assistant that offers customized advice and guidance to parents.

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