Answer customer questions instantly with AI
 Answer customer questions instantly with AI
Product Information
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Release date26 March, 2023

Brainfish Features

Brainfish is an AI-driven knowledgebase platform designed to enhance customer support and improve customer experience. Key features and advantages include:

  • AI-powered analysis: Analyzes help articles and suggests improvements, as well as generates new articles based on prompts
  • Easy migration: Seamlessly migrate existing knowledgebases in just a few minutes
  • Advanced features: Instant proofreading, AI-powered search, analytics, and multi-language support

Use cases for Brainfish cater to various businesses:

  • Customer support teams looking to improve help articles and provide direct answers to customer questions
  • Businesses of all sizes aiming to enhance customer experience and identify customer blind spots
  • Organizations seeking an affordable and customizable knowledgebase solution

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