Create web apps without coding from text descriptions.
 Create web apps without coding from text
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Release date18 May, 2023

Bricabrac Features

Bricabrac AI offers various plans to cater to different needs, including a free plan that grants users the ability to generate up to six apps per month. Additionally, the free plan includes free hosting and code export functionalities, enhancing accessibility and ease of use.

Key Features:

AI-Powered App Generation: Create web-based tools, games, and apps using AI technology.

Text-to-App Transformation: Convert user-provided text descriptions into fully-functional web apps.

Clean and Responsive UI: Enjoy a visually appealing and user-friendly interface for your web apps.

No-Code Editor: Customize and tweak your app without coding knowledge.

Flexible Plans: Choose from a range of plans to suit your specific needs, including a free plan with generous features.

Use Cases:

• Develop web-based tools, games, and apps without coding skills or technical expertise.

• Rapidly transform text descriptions into functional web apps for various purposes.

• Customize and tailor the app's appearance and functionality to align with your vision.

Bricabrac AI opens doors to effortless app development, allowing users to bring their ideas to life without the need for coding knowledge.

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