Deploy GPT-powered Chatbots
 Deploy GPT-powered Chatbots
Product Information
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Release date18 April, 2023

BrightBot Features

BrightBot is an AI-powered chatbot platform that allows users to deploy a GPT-powered chatbot to their website in minutes. Key features and advantages include:

  • Machine learning models: Provides natural conversations about the topics provided
  • Fast response times: Enables users to provide quick responses to customers
  • 24x7 presence: Allows businesses to be available to customers at all times
  • Easy-to-use admin panel: Provides an interface to manage and train the chatbot
  • Free plan: Offers a free plan to get started

Use cases for BrightBot involve:

  • Providing customer support for businesses
  • Offering 24x7 assistance to customers
  • Automating repetitive tasks for businesses

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