Automate your school work with Caktus, an AI-driven educational tool.
 Automate your school work with Caktus, an
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Release date30 December, 2022

Caktus Features

Caktus is an educational artificial intelligence (AI) tool that automates school work, allowing students to save time and focus on the things they love. The platform offers a range of AI-driven services designed to make school work easier and help students make the most of their time.

Key Features:

• Access AI-driven tools such as Essay Writer, Paragraph Generator, and Discussion Questions.

• Generate Personal Statements, YouTube to Essay conversions, and Text Summaries.

• Utilize coding writers for Python, Java, C#, Javascript, and Go.

• Take advantage of the Career section with Cover Letter and Resume Bullet Points writers.

• Benefit from the Caktus Scholarship program to enrich your education.

Use Cases:

Write essays and paragraphs quickly with AI-generated content.

Generate engaging discussion questions for classroom activities or assignments.

Convert YouTube videos into essay format for easy reference and analysis.

Summarize long texts for better understanding and retention.

Improve your resume and cover letter with AI-driven writing tools.

Caktus not only simplifies school work but also offers a scholarship program to help students enrich their education. With a wide range of AI-driven tools and resources, Caktus empowers students to excel in their academic and professional pursuits.

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