Chai Research

Conversational AI platform for entertainment with a focus on AI friends, mentors, and imaginary characters.
 Conversational AI platform for entertainment with
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Release date30 April, 2023

Chai Research Features

Chai Research is a unique conversational AI platform for entertainment, built around Chai-GPT, which users can access through the Chai app.

Key Features:

Entertaining conversational AI: Interact with AI friends, mentors, and imaginary characters for a unique experience.

API access: Interested users can join the waitlist for API access to Chai Research's platform.

Active research: Chai Research conducts research in the field of AI and offers job openings in Palo Alto, CA.

Use Cases:

• Engaging in conversation with AI-generated characters for entertainment purposes.

• Exploring new and creative ideas through interactions with AI mentors or imaginary characters.

• Developers can integrate Chai Research's conversational AI into their projects using API access.

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