AI-Generator for Diagrams and Charts
 AI-Generator for Diagrams and Charts
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Release date1 March, 2023

ChartAI Features

ChartAI is an AI-based diagramming application designed to help professionals create high-quality diagrams and charts effortlessly. Key features and advantages include:

  • AI engine: Automatically generates professional-looking diagrams and charts within minutes
  • Optimized planning: AI technology optimizes timelines, adjusts charts, identifies dependencies, and generates layouts
  • User journey feature: Create accurate user journeys by inputting UX requirements

Use cases for ChartAI cater to various professionals:

  • Project managers seeking a fast and efficient way to create diagrams for planning tasks
  • UX designers aiming to build customized user journey maps
  • Business analysts looking to generate professional-quality charts for data visualization

With free beta testing available and Pro plans coming soon, ChartAI is an ideal solution for individuals and companies seeking a reliable tool for their diagramming needs.

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