ChatGPT Super

Enhances your AI experience by providing a suite of powerful features
 Enhances your AI experience by providing a suite
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Release date24 March, 2023

ChatGPT Super Features

ChatGPT Super is a Chrome extension that enhances users' online experience with powerful features for increased productivity. Key features and advantages include:

  • Simultaneous search: Access Google and ChatGPT search results for quick and efficient answers
  • Video summarization: Extract key points from videos, ideal for students, researchers, and others reviewing large amounts of video content
  • Web-wide access: Use ChatGPT wherever you browse on the web for added convenience

Use cases for ChatGPT Super cover a range of productivity-enhancing activities:

  • Accelerate research and information retrieval with simultaneous search capabilities
  • Boost learning and comprehension with video summarization tools
  • Explore new ideas and topics with creative prompts to start conversations with ChatGPT

Though not an official OpenAI product, ChatGPT Super is perfect for those seeking time-saving solutions and AI technology access.

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