All-in-one chatbot client.
 All-in-one chatbot client.
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Release date6 April, 2023

ChatHub Features

ChatHub is an all-in-one chatbot client that offers a better UI for your favorite chatbots. Its key features and advantages include:

  • Multiple chatbots in one app, currently supporting ChatGPT and new Bing Chat, Google Bard, and more in the future.
  • Multi-chat feature, allowing users to chat with multiple chatbots at the same time, making it easy to compare their answers.
  • ChatGPT API mode, which is faster and more cost-effective than ChatGPT Plus, and provides token usage stats.
  • Support for GPT-4.
  • Prompt Library for easy access to pre-written prompts.
  • Dark Mode for comfortable use in low-light environments.
  • Shortcut to quickly activate the app anywhere in the browser.
  • Markdown and code highlight support for better formatting.
  • Export/Import all your data for easy backup and migration.

Use cases for ChatHub include:

  • Efficiently comparing answers from multiple chatbots.
  • Streamlining chatbot usage with an all-in-one app.
  • Accessing ChatGPT API mode for faster and more cost-effective chatbot usage.
  • Improving chatbot experience with the Prompt Library and Markdown support.
  • Backing up and migrating chatbot data with ease.

ChatHub is a comprehensive chatbot client that offers a range of features for users to improve their chatbot experience.

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