Chat with favorite characters or brainstorm in a group
 Chat with favorite characters or brainstorm in a
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Release date20 April, 2023

Chatmosphere Features

Create a chat room where you can interact with a group of your favorite characters or brainstorm with employees in a startup.

Key Features:

Custom chat room: Generate a virtual space for your chosen characters or team members.

Character personalization: Define characters based on your preferences or descriptions.

Document and web content integration: Enhance character interactions with relevant content.

Brainstorming and collaboration: Facilitate group discussions and idea generation.

Use Cases:

• Engage with your favorite characters in a dynamic chat environment.

• Collaborate and brainstorm with team members in a virtual space.

• Enhance character interactions with integrated documents and web content.

Experience an innovative way to communicate and brainstorm with characters and team members, making your conversations more engaging and productive.

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