Chatbot for simple communication.
 Chatbot for simple communication.
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Release date17 May, 2023

ChitChat Features

ChitChat for iOS is a chat app designed to provide users with easy access to a diverse selection of bot friends for engaging conversations.

Key Features:

Wide Range of Bot Friends: Access a diverse selection of bot friends for engaging chat experiences.

Customized Bot Friends: Create personalized bot friends with prompts that align with your preferences.

Chat with PDF Files: Convert PDF files into bots for faster understanding of text content.

Support for Specialized Bots: Interact with specialized bots like ChatGPT-4, Bard, Bing, and more.

Multiple API Settings: Personalize your chat experience by using your own API key without additional costs.

Use Cases:

• Engage in convenient and enjoyable chat conversations with a variety of bot friends.

• Quickly understand the content of PDF files through chat-based interactions. • Benefit from specialized bots and their up-to-date capabilities.

• Personalize the chat experience by utilizing multiple API settings.

ChitChat for iOS offers a user-friendly environment for individuals seeking interactive conversations with bot friends.

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