Software tool that helps teams save time in meetings
 Software tool that helps teams save time in
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Release date20 February, 2023

Cogram Features

Cogram is an AI-driven tool designed to streamline virtual meetings and enhance note-taking efficiency. Key features and advantages include:

  • Automatic transcriptions: Real-time transcription of meetings, generating summaries and identifying action items
  • Lightning-fast setup: Quick and easy implementation for immediate use
  • Seamless integration: Compatibility with CRMs and enterprise security systems
  • Privacy protection: Ensures user data security without storing audio or video recordings

Use cases for Cogram cater to various professional settings:

  • Sales and customer success: Improve meeting efficiency and follow-up actions
  • Project management: Streamline internal communication and task assignments
  • Internal meetings: Enhance productivity and organization within teams

Overall, Cogram offers a versatile and user-friendly solution for professionals seeking to optimize their virtual meeting experience.

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