Comprehensive Crypto Trading Tool for Traders and Newbies Alike
 Comprehensive Crypto Trading Tool for Traders and
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Release date13 April, 2023

CoinScreener Features helps you maximize your crypto trading potential with AI by getting the latest insights and trading signals to help you make informed decisions in the crypto markets.


  • 1000+ Markets Monitored
  • 100B+ Daily Volume Scanned
  • 1500+ Top Traders Tracked
  • Real-time, accurate market data and insights
  • Advanced technical analysis tools
  • AI-generated trading signals
  • Follow top traders' strategies
  • Track whale activities for 1000+ Future & Spot markets
  • Real-time alerts on market pumps & dumps and unusual volume activities

Use Cases:

  • Make smarter trading decisions with AI insights
  • Trade like the pros by following their strategies
  • Stay informed on whale activities and market movements
  • Unlock full crypto trading potential

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