Generates job application letters.
 Generates job application letters.
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Release date3 June, 2023

CoverLetterGPT Features

CoverLetterGPT is an AI tool that generates customized and unique cover letters based on the user's skills and expertise, streamlining the job search process and saving time for job seekers.

Key Features:

AI-Powered Cover Letter Generation: Generate customized and unique cover letters based on the user's skills and qualifications.

CV/Resumé Reference: Utilize uploaded CV or resumé as a reference point for creating personalized cover letters.

Customization Options: Select the desired creativity level and include a witty remark to personalize the cover letter.

Open-Source Availability: Access and modify the tool's code on GitHub for customization and further development.

Creator Insights and Updates: Follow the creator, @hot_town, on Twitter for additional insights and updates.

Use Cases:

• Job Application Support: Simplify the job search process by generating customized cover letters tailored to the user's qualifications.

• Time-Saving Solution: Save time by automating the cover letter writing process with AI-generated content.

• Customization and Advancements: Leverage the open-source nature of the tool to customize and enhance cover letter generation.

CoverLetterGPT empowers job seekers with an efficient and personalized cover letter generation tool.

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