AI-powered customer service:
 AI-powered customer service:
Product Information
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Release date4 November, 2022

Cresta Features

Cresta AI is an AI-driven contact center intelligence tool designed to enhance customer conversations and improve team performance. Key features and advantages include:

  • AI-powered solutions: Cresta Agent Assist, Cresta Director, Cresta Insights, and Cresta Virtual Agent cater to various team and industry needs
  • Real-time insights: Drive results, uncover critical business insights, and increase agent effectiveness and efficiency
  • AI-enabled coaching: Helps transform every agent into a top performer and automates repetitive tasks

Use cases for Cresta AI are ideal for various industries and teams:

  • Sales and customer service: Improve efficiency and effectiveness with AI-driven insights and bespoke playbooks
  • Retention and remote teams: Enhance performance management and automate appropriate use cases

Overall, Cresta AI offers a powerful solution for contact centers seeking to leverage AI technology for increased efficiency, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.

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