Personality-based guidance for every email, call, and meeting
 Personality-based guidance for every email, call,
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Release date29 March, 2023

Crystal Features

Crystal gives sales reps, recruiters, and executives powerful tools to accelerate key relationships, driven by industry-leading personality data.

  • Effective Communication: Learn the natural personality of your prospects and get instant tips for how to best communicate, build trust, and negotiate with them.
  • Real-Time Suggestions: Get real-time suggestions to tailor specific words, phrases, and sentences for different personalities so you can write more persuasively.
  • Personalized Reports: Get personalized playbooks for negotiation, overcoming objections, building rapport, and every other stage of the sales process. Learn to harness the strengths of your team, improve your one-on-one meetings, and become a better, more empathetic leader.

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