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Get Accurate and Complete Datasets Ready-to-Use
 Get Accurate and Complete Datasets Ready-to-Use
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Release date10 April, 2023

Dataset Marketplace Features

Datasets365 provides ready-to-use, structured, complete, and accurate datasets for any use case. Key features and advantages include:

  • Filterable subsets: Datasets can be filtered into subsets, providing a cost-effective, time-saving solution.
  • Multiple data formats: Data formats include JSON, ndJSON, CSV, and Excel and can be delivered by email, API, Webhook, Google Cloud, Amazon S3 bucket, and Azure cloud.
  • Immediate availability: Datasets are available for immediate purchase and delivery.
  • No customization required: This solution is best for businesses needing data immediately and not requiring a customized data flow.

Use cases for Datasets365 involve businesses in need of immediate data for various purposes:

  • Conducting market research
  • Developing machine learning models
  • Enhancing business intelligence
  • Improving customer experience
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