DB Pilot

AI assistant for your SQL needs
 AI assistant for your SQL needs
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Release date12 May, 2023

DB Pilot Features

DB Pilot is a modern and AI-enhanced database GUI that offers a wide range of features to simplify and streamline SQL operations.

Key Features:

  • AI-enhanced SQL operations: Utilize an AI assistant to simplify SQL queries, conversion, and explanation.
  • Embedded DuckDB instance: Query different file formats and store results without affecting the production database.
  • Database support: Currently supports PostgreSQL with plans for MySQL and SQLite support.
  • Flexible data management: Easily filter tables, join different data formats, and query remote files.

Use Cases:

• Simplify SQL operations and enhance productivity with AI-powered assistance.

• Manage and query various file formats without affecting the production database.

• Efficiently handle PostgreSQL databases with plans to expand support to other databases.

• Ensure data privacy while benefiting from AI capabilities in DB Pilot.

DB Pilot is a powerful tool that combines modern database GUI with AI assistance to simplify SQL operations and improve data management.

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