DeepSpeed Chat

An End-To-End RLHF Pipeline To Train ChatGPT-like Models
 An End-To-End RLHF Pipeline To Train ChatGPT-like
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Release date22 June, 2023

DeepSpeed Chat Features

Microsoft announced the release of DeepSpeed-Chat, a low-cost, open-source solution for RLHF training that will allow anyone to create high-quality ChatGPT-style models even with a single GPU. Microsoft claims that you can train up to a 13B model on a single GPU, or at low-cost of $300 on Azure Cloud using DeepSpeed-Chat. DeepSpeed-Chat RLHF training experience is made possible using DeepSpeed-Inference and DeepSpeed-Training to offer 15x faster throughput than SoTA, while also supporting model sizes that are up to 7.5x larger on the same hardware. DeepSpeed-Chat makes complex RLHF training fast, affordable, and easily accessible to the AI community. It democratizes ChatGPT-like models! The initial release of DeepSpeed-Chat includes the following three capabilities: Easy-to-use Training and Inference Experience for ChatGPT Like Models. DeepSpeed-RLHF Pipeline. DeepSpeed-RLHF System
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