Your very own ChatGPT-like bot for your Discord server
 Your very own ChatGPT-like bot for your Discord
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Release date22 June, 2023

DiscordGPT Features

DiscordGPT is a fully-customizable GPT-powered Discord bot that uses Autocode for easy hosting and development. Autocode provides (1) Node.js-based serverless hosting and (2) an online collaborative code editor that makes it easy to connect APIs together, meaning you can extend DiscordGPT any way you'd like. If you're not familiar with code, don't worry — Autocode is easy to get a hang of. If you're already a software developer you'll be right at home. Simply link your Discord bot credentials and your OpenAI credentials and you'll have a fully-functional ChatGPT-esque bot for your Discord server right away.
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