Never edit short-form content again. Use AI to turn your content into ready-to-upload clips and shorts—automatically.
  Never edit short-form content again.  Use AI to
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Release date26 April, 2023

Dumme Features

Dumme is an AI-powered video and podcast editing tool that automatically finds clip-worthy moments while preserving context and structure. Its key features and advantages include:

  • Automatic clip creation: Dumme generates short-form content with captions, descriptions, and titles from long-form videos and podcasts.
  • Intelligent editing: Dumme removes filler words and optimizes content on a per-platform basis using proprietary AI models.
  • Retains context: Dumme clips are almost impossible to distinguish from ones made by human editors and perform better algorithmically.
  • Supports most languages: Dumme supports most languages and content types.
  • Built for content creators: Dumme is ideal for content creators who want to publish short-form content on platforms like YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Instagram Reels.

Use cases for Dumme include:

  • Generating short-form content from long-form videos and podcasts.
  • Saving time and effort by automating the editing process.
  • Improving content performance on various platforms.

Dumme is suitable for individuals and businesses who produce long-form content and want to create short-form content without extensive editing.

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