Edit Anything

AI-powered image editing tool with user-friendly interface and cloud-based processing.
 AI-powered image editing tool with user-friendly
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Release date10 May, 2023

Edit Anything Features

Edit Anything is an AI-powered image editing tool that enables users to generate masks and set mask references, allowing them to edit images with ease.

Key Features:

  • Mask generation: Generate masks for editing images effortlessly.
  • Mask reference points: Set reference points for masks for precise editing.
  • Multiple mask options: Choose from various available mask options for efficient editing.
  • Open-source code: Available on Github for customization and contributions.

Use Cases:

• Simplify the image editing process for non-technical users in graphic design, marketing, and e-commerce industries.

• Edit images precisely with mask reference points and multiple mask options.

• Customize the tool's functionality using open-source code available on Github.

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