Use AI to write tweets like famous accounts
 Use AI to write tweets like famous accounts
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Release date24 November, 2022

Editby Features

Editby is an AI-powered content creation tool designed to help Twitter users grow their audience. Key features and advantages include:

  • AI-powered writing assistant: Generate new ideas and original content 10x faster with data-driven suggestions
  • Curated templates: Access templates to improve content quality and consistency
  • Viral prediction: Identify content with potential to go viral before posting
  • Flexible plans: Choose from Starter, Creator, and Pro plans with varying features and price points

Use cases for Editby cater to various Twitter users:

  • Influencers and content creators aiming to grow their audience and improve engagement
  • Businesses and brands seeking to optimize their Twitter presence and reach
  • Individuals looking to enhance their Twitter content and increase follower count

Overall, Editby offers a comprehensive solution for creating high-quality, engaging content on Twitter, helping users expand their audience and improve their online presence.

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