AI writer for Mac that works across apps.
 AI writer for Mac that works across apps.
Product Information
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Release date3 December, 2022

Elephas Features

Elephas is a personal AI writing assistant designed to save time and enhance writing tasks for busy professionals and marketers. Key features and advantages include:

  • GPT-3 powered: Generate ideas, outlines, or entire blogs in minutes
  • Versatile writing: Create professional emails, rewrite sentences, and generate executive summaries
  • Multilingual support: Works with multiple languages and offers a smart AI keyboard for iPhone and iPad

Use cases for Elephas cater to a variety of professionals:

  • Marketers and content writers seeking to streamline their research and writing process
  • Business professionals aiming to improve the quality and efficiency of their written communication
  • Technical professionals looking for a powerful productivity tool to enhance their writing tasks

Overall, Elephas offers a time-saving and quality-enhancing solution for various writing needs, receiving positive reviews from its users.

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