Maximise Your Trading Success with AI-Driven Global Market Analysis
 Maximise Your Trading Success with AI-Driven
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Release date12 April, 2023

Ellisense Features

Ellisense is an AI-powered platform that analyzes over 25 million reports, news articles, and social media posts to provide insights on market sentiment before trading stocks, currency or crypto. Key features and advantages include:

  • Social sentiment score: Get a highly accurate social sentiment score to understand market sentiment.
  • AI-powered analysis: Ellisense uses AI to digest large amounts of data to provide insights into market sentiment.
  • Free trial: Ellisense offers a one month free trial for users to test the platform.

Use cases for Ellisense involve:

  • Helping traders make informed decisions by providing insights into market sentiment.
  • Providing an advantage in trading by providing early insights into market sentiment.
  • Helping traders save time by analyzing large amounts of data quickly and accurately.

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