Email Bind

AI-Powered ChatGPT via Email
 AI-Powered ChatGPT via Email
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Release date29 May, 2023

Email Bind Features

Email Bind is an AI tool that enables users to access ChatGPT services by sending an email. It offers a free trial plan and a Pro membership plan with increased token limits. Users can initiate conversations with ChatGPT by sending emails to a specified address.

Key Features:

ChatGPT via Email: Access ChatGPT services by sending an email.

Free Trial Plan: Engage with ChatGPT on a daily basis with a token limit of 1,000 tokens per day per email address.

Pro Membership Plan: Upgrade to a Pro plan for increased token limits and expanded functionalities.

Premium Plan: Unlock the advanced capabilities of the GPT-4 model with the Premium plan.

Email Verification: Verify your email to gain access to ChatGPT services via Email Bind.

Use Cases:

  • Engage in conversations with ChatGPT conveniently through email communication.
  • Explore the capabilities of ChatGPT and experience AI-powered dialogue.
  • Utilize ChatGPT for various purposes, including information retrieval, brainstorming, and creative writing.
  • Access ChatGPT services on your own terms, with the flexibility of email communication.

Email Bind revolutionizes the way you interact with ChatGPT. Start conversing with AI through email and unlock a world of possibilities.

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