Use open-source AI in your Node.js apps, up to 67x faster
 Use open-source AI in your Node.js apps, up to
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Release date12 June, 2023

EnergeticAI Features

EnergeticAI is a privacy- and budget-friendly solution for building applications that leverage the power of open-source AI. The tool aims to simplify the deployment process, making it as easy as npm install. It is optimized for serverless environments, offering fast cold-start times and a small bundle size.

Key Features:

  • Easy Deployment: Simplified deployment process with npm install.
  • Optimized for Serverless: Fast cold-start times and small bundle size for efficient scaling in serverless environments.
  • Open-Source AI Integration: Access to a wide range of open-source AI models and libraries.
  • Privacy-Focused: Ensures data privacy and security throughout AI processing.
  • Performance Enhancement: Utilize open-source AI models for accelerated processing speeds, up to 67 times faster.

Use Cases:

  • AI Integration: Incorporate open-source AI models and libraries into Node.js applications.
  • Serverless Environments: Optimize applications for efficient scaling and fast cold-start times.
  • Privacy-Conscious Applications: Ensure data privacy and security in AI-related tasks.
  • Performance Enhancement: Benefit from accelerated processing speeds offered by open-source AI models.

EnergeticAI offers developers a privacy- and budget-friendly solution for incorporating open-source AI capabilities into their Node.js applications.

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