Instant audio transcription without external help.
 Instant audio transcription without external
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Release date21 May, 2023

Ermine Features is an AI-powered tool that allows users to transcribe audio recordings directly from their device's microphone. The tool stands out by offering 100% local/client-side processing, ensuring privacy and data security. With, users can transcribe audio without the need for external servers or an internet connection.

Key Features:

Local/Client-side Processing: performs transcription directly on the user's device, ensuring that audio data remains private and secure.

Downloadable Audio and Transcript: Users have the option to download both the audio file and transcript for future reference or further analysis.

Fast and Efficient Transcription: The tool is designed to provide quick and accurate transcriptions, making it a time-saving solution for audio-to-text conversion.

Privacy and Data Security: By utilizing local processing, eliminates concerns about data privacy and the need to transmit sensitive audio recordings to external servers.

User-friendly Interface: The tool offers a straightforward user interface, allowing users to initiate the transcription process with ease.

Usage and Considerations:

  • Before starting the transcription process, users are required to download the tool from GitHub.
  • The first use may take a few minutes to load and initialize the transcription model, as the model files (approximately 50MB) need to be downloaded and cached.
  • currently supports English transcription only.
  • Users may be prompted to grant microphone access in their browser to initiate the transcription process.
  • Once the transcription is complete, users can download both the audio file and the transcript for their convenience. provides an efficient and secure solution for transcribing audio recordings.

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