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AI-powered semantic search engine for fast answers in YouTube videos.
 AI-powered semantic search engine for fast
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Release date2 January, 2023

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AIAbout is an AI-powered search tool that enables users to find answers within YouTube videos. Key features and advantages include:

  • Direct search: Locate specific moments or answers within thousands of YouTube videos
  • Free and user-friendly: Easy-to-navigate and available at no cost
  • Filtered results: Select multiple channels for more precise answers

Use cases for AIAbout are ideal for various users:

  • Students and researchers seeking information from popular creators, podcasts, and influencers in technology
  • Content consumers looking to save time by finding specific video moments quickly
  • YouTube enthusiasts interested in exploring a new way to search for content

Please note that AIAbout's results are sourced only from indexed individuals, with more added every week.

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