See how well you age with AI
 See how well you age with AI
Product Information
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Release date24 January, 2023

Extrapolate Features

Extrapolate is an AI-powered app designed to transform a user's face and show how they will age. Key features and advantages include:

  • AI-driven technology: Uses Vercel, Replicate, and Upstash technology for accurate aging predictions
  • Free and easy to use: 100% free and user-friendly for a seamless experience
  • Privacy-friendly: Allows users to explore their aging process without risking their privacy

Use cases for Extrapolate are ideal for various individuals:

  • Curious users wanting to see how they will age over time
  • Friends and family looking for a fun and engaging activity to share
  • Artists and creators seeking inspiration for character development in their projects

Overall, Extrapolate offers a unique and privacy-friendly way for users to explore their aging process using AI technology.

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