World’s best AI Photo Enhancer
 World’s best AI Photo Enhancer
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Release date1 April, 2023

Face26 Features

Transform your photos into stunning HD images or vibrant color photos in seconds with Face26’s Photo Enhancer with No photo editing skills required. Their AI-powered algorithm has been trained with over 2 million high-resolution images.

  • HD Portraits from group photos: Whether you want to increase the resolution of the image, denoise the picture and retouch it, sharpen the faces of your old family photos or turn your black and white family photos from the 80s into vivid colored photos, their rescueapp get you the best results without any editing skills.
  • AI Photo Enhancer directly on your desktop or smartphone: With Their web browser application, you can easily and conveniently sharpen and rescue your images on your PC or smartphone.
  • Your data is encrypted: Face26 is a privacy-first photo enhancer that encrypts all your images when you upload photos, no matter if you are using the web editor or mobile apps

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